Zoom API

    Getting access, Developing, Testing

    API Operations

    Add A Calendar Resource To A Calendar Service
    Add A Location
    Add A Meeting Registrant
    Add A User S Tsp Account
    Add A Webinar Registrant
    Add A Zoom Room
    Add Assistants
    Add Contact Group Members
    Add Group Admins
    Add Group Members
    Add Im Directory Group Members
    Add Panelists
    Add Batch Webinar Registrants
    Assign A Role
    Bulk Update Feature
    Change A Zoom Room S Location
    Change Device Association
    Change The Assigned Parent Location
    Change Zoom Rooms App Version
    Check A User Email
    Check A User S Pm Room
    Check In Out Of A Reservation
    Create A Contact Group
    Create A Device Profile
    Create A Group
    Create A H 323 Sip Device
    Create A Meeting
    Create A Meeting Poll
    Create A Meeting Template From An Existing Meeting
    Create A Recording Registrant
    Create A Reservation
    Create A Role
    Create A Tracking Field
    Create A Webinar
    Create A Webinar S Branding Name Tag
    Create A Webinar S Poll
    Create A Webinar Template
    Create A Workspace
    Create An Im Directory Group
    Create An Information Barrier Policy
    Create Meeting S Invite Links
    Create Users
    Create Webinar S Invite Links
    Dashboard Meetings
    Del User Vb
    Delete A Calendar Resource
    Delete A Calendar Service
    Delete A Contact Group
    Delete A Device Profile
    Delete A Group
    Delete A Group Admin
    Delete A Group Member
    Delete A H 323 Sip Device
    Delete A Live Meeting Message
    Delete A Live Webinar Message
    Delete A Meeting
    Delete A Meeting Poll
    Delete A Meeting Recording File
    Delete A Meeting Registrant
    Delete A Meeting S Archived Files
    Delete A Meeting Survey
    Delete A Reservation
    Delete A Role
    Delete A Scheduler
    Delete A Tracking Field
    Delete A User
    Delete A User Assistant
    Delete A User S Profile Picture
    Delete A User S Tsp Account
    Delete A Webinar
    Delete A Webinar Poll
    Delete A Webinar Registrant
    Delete A Webinar S Branding Name Tag
    Delete A Webinar S Branding Virtual Backgrounds
    Delete A Webinar S Branding Wallpaper
    Delete A Webinar Survey
    Delete A Workspace
    Delete A Zoom Room
    Delete A Zoom Room User Device
    Delete An Im Directory Group
    Delete Im Directory Group Member
    Delete Meeting Recordings
    Delete Sip Phone
    Delete User Assistants
    Delete User Schedulers
    Delete Virtual Background Files
    Enable Sip Phone
    Generate An App Deeplink
    Get A Calendar Resource By Id
    Get A Contact Group
    Get A Device Profile
    Get A Group
    Get A Group S Settings
    Get A Group S Webinar Registration Settings
    Get A Location S Hot Desk Usage
    Get A Meeting
    Get A Meeting Poll
    Get A Meeting Registrant
    Get A Meeting S Archive Token For Local Archiving
    Get A Meeting S Archived Files
    Get A Meeting S Join Token For Live Streaming
    Get A Meeting S Join Token For Local Recording
    Get A Meeting Survey
    Get A Tracking Field
    Get A User
    Get A User S Token
    Get A User S Tsp Account
    Get A Webinar
    Get A Webinar Poll
    Get A Webinar Registrant
    Get A Webinar S Archive Token For Local Archiving
    Get A Webinar S Join Token For Live Streaming
    Get A Webinar S Join Token For Local Recording
    Get A Webinar Survey
    Get A Workspace
    Get A Workspace Qr Code
    Get A Workspace S Reservations
    Get Account S Managed Domains
    Get Account S Trusted Domains
    Get Account S Tsp Information
    Get Account Settings
    Get Active Inactive Host Reports
    Get An Account S Webinar Registration Settings
    Get An Information Barrier Policy By Id
    Get Archived File Statistics
    Get Billing Invoice Reports
    Get Billing Reports
    Get Chat Metrics
    Get Cloud Recording Usage Report
    Get Collaboration Device Detail
    Get Crc Port Usage
    Get Daily Usage Report
    Get Device Information
    Get Im Metrics
    Get Issues Of Zoom Rooms
    Get Live Stream Details
    Get Livestream Details
    Get Location Settings
    Get Locked Settings
    Get Meeting Detail Reports
    Get Meeting Details
    Get Meeting Invitation
    Get Meeting Participant Qo S
    Get Meeting Participant Reports
    Get Meeting Poll Reports
    Get Meeting Quality Scores
    Get Meeting Recording S Analytics Details
    Get Meeting Recording S Analytics Summary
    Get Meeting Recording Settings
    Get Meeting Recordings
    Get Meeting Reports
    Get Meeting S Token
    Get Meeting Sharing Recording Details
    Get Operation Logs Report
    Get Past Meeting Details
    Get Past Meeting Participants
    Get Post Meeting Feedback
    Get Post Webinar Feedback
    Get Registration Questions
    Get Role Information
    Get Sign In Sign Out Activity Report
    Get Telephone Reports
    Get The User S Zak
    Get Top 25 Issues Of Zoom Rooms
    Get Top 25 Zoom Rooms With Issues
    Get Upcoming Events Report
    Get User Permissions
    Get User Settings
    Get User Summary
    Get Webinar Absentees
    Get Webinar Detail Reports
    Get Webinar Details
    Get Webinar Participant Qo S
    Get Webinar Participant Reports
    Get Webinar Participants
    Get Webinar Poll Reports
    Get Webinar Q A Report
    Get Webinar S Session Branding
    Get Webinar S Token
    Get Webinar Sharing Recording Details
    Get Webinar Tracking Sources
    Get Zoom Meetings Client Feedback
    Get Zoom Room Account Profile
    Get Zoom Room Account Settings
    Get Zoom Room Location Profile
    Get Zoom Room Location Structure
    Get Zoom Room Profile
    Get Zoom Room Sensor Data
    Get Zoom Room Settings
    Get Zoom Rooms Details
    Get Group Lock Settings
    Group Locked Settings
    List A User S Collaboration Devices
    List A User S Pac Accounts
    List A Webinar S Polls
    List All Recordings
    List Archived Files
    List Calendar Resources By Calendar Service
    List Calendar Services
    List Client Meeting Satisfaction
    List Contact Group Members
    List Contact Groups
    List Device Profiles
    List Digital Signage Contents
    List Group Admins
    List Group Members
    List Groups
    List H 323 Sip Devices
    List Im Directory Group Members
    List Im Directory Groups
    List Information Barrier Policies
    List Meeting Participants
    List Meeting Participants Qo S
    List Meeting Polls
    List Meeting Registrants
    List Meeting Templates
    List Meetings
    List Members In A Role
    List Panelists
    List Past Meeting Instances
    List Past Meeting S Files
    List Past Meeting S Poll Results
    List Past Webinar Files
    List Past Webinar Instances
    List Past Webinar Poll Results
    List Q A Of Past Webinar
    List Recording Registrants
    List Registration Questions
    List Roles
    List Sip Phones
    List The Client Versions
    List Tracking Fields
    List User Assistants
    List User S Tsp Accounts
    List User Schedulers
    List Users
    List Webinar Participant Qo S
    List Webinar Participants
    List Webinar Registrants
    List Webinar Templates
    List Webinars
    List Workspaces
    List Zoom Meetings Client Feedback
    List Zoom Room Devices
    List Zoom Room Locations
    List Zoom Rooms
    List Zoom Rooms
    Meeting Recording Registrant Status
    Perform Batch Poll Creation
    Perform Batch Registration
    Recording Registrant Question Update
    Recover A Single Recording
    Recover Meeting Recordings
    Remove A Panelist
    Remove An Information Barrier Policy
    Remove Members In A Contact Group
    Remove Panelists
    Retrieve An Im Directory Group
    Revoke A User S Sso Token
    Set Global Dial In Url For A Tsp User
    Set Webinar S Default Branding Virtual Background
    Start Calendar Service Sync Process
    Unassign A Role
    Update A Contact Group
    Update A Device Profile
    Update A Group
    Update A Group Member
    Update A Group S Settings
    Update A Group S Webinar Registration Settings
    Update A H 323 Sip Device
    Update A Live Stream
    Update A Livestream
    Update A Meeting
    Update A Meeting Poll
    Update A Meeting Survey
    Update A Reservation
    Update A Tracking Field
    Update A Tsp Account
    Update A User
    Update A User S Email
    Update A User S Password
    Update A User S Presence Status
    Update A Webinar
    Update A Webinar Poll
    Update A Webinar S Branding Name Tag
    Update A Webinar Survey
    Update A Workspace
    Update A Zoom Room Profile
    Update Account S Tsp Information
    Update Account Settings
    Update An Account S Webinar Registration Settings
    Update An Im Directory Group
    Update An Information Barriers Policy
    Update E911 Digital Signage
    Update Live Stream Status
    Update Location Settings
    Update Locked Settings
    Update Meeting Recording Settings
    Update Meeting Status
    Update Registrant S Status
    Update Registration Questions
    Update Role Information
    Update Sip Phone
    Update User Settings
    Update User Status
    Update Webinar Status
    Update Zoom Room Account Profile
    Update Zoom Room Account Settings
    Update Zoom Room Location Profile
    Update Zoom Room Settings
    Update Zoom Rooms Location Structure
    Upload A User S Profile Picture
    Upload A Webinar S Branding Virtual Background
    Upload A Webinar S Branding Wallpaper
    Upload Virtual Background Files
    Upload Vbuser
    Use In Meeting Controls
    Use Zoom Room Controls
    Webinar Live Stream Status Update
    Webinar Registrant Question Update
    Webinar Registrant Status
    Webinar Registrants Questions Get