Zendesk API

    Getting access, Developing, Testing

    API Operations

    Add Tags
    Autocomplete Organizations
    Autocomplete Problems
    Autocomplete Users
    Bulk Create Memberships
    Bulk Delete Automations
    Bulk Delete Macros
    Bulk Delete Memberships
    Bulk Delete Organizations
    Bulk Delete Sessions
    Bulk Delete Tickets
    Bulk Delete Triggers
    Bulk Delete Users
    Bulk Delete Views
    Bulk Delete Workspaces
    Bulk Mark Tickets as Spam
    Bulk Unregister Push Notification Devices
    Bulk Update Default Custom Ticket Status
    Change a comment from public to private
    Change Your Password
    Check Host Mapping Validity for an Existing Brand
    Check Host Mapping Validity
    Clone an already existing ticket form
    Count Activities
    Count Audits for a Ticket
    Count Deleted Users
    Count Groups
    Count Organizations
    Count Satisfaction Ratings
    Count Tags
    Count Ticket Comments
    Count Ticket Fields
    Count Tickets in View
    Count Tickets in Views
    Count Tickets
    Count Users
    Count Views
    Create a Satisfaction Rating
    Create Attribute Value
    Create Attribute
    Create Automation
    Create Batch Job for Trigger Categories
    Create Bookmark
    Create Brand
    Create Custom Role
    Create Custom Ticket Status
    Create Group
    Create Identity
    Create Item
    Create Macro Attachment
    Create Macro
    Create Many Memberships
    Create Many Organizations
    Create Many Tickets
    Create Many Users
    Create Many Variants
    Create Membership
    Create OLA Policy
    Create or Update a User Field Option
    Create Or Update Many Users
    Create Or Update Organization
    Create or Update Ticket Field Option
    Create Or Update User
    Create Organization Field
    Create Organization Subscription
    Create Organization
    Create Request
    Create Resource Collection
    Create Sharing Agreement
    Create SLA Policy
    Create Support Address
    Create Target
    Create Ticket Field
    Create Ticket Form
    Create Ticket or Voicemail Ticket
    Create Ticket
    Create Trial Account
    Create Trigger Category
    Create Trigger
    Create Unassociated Macro Attachment
    Create User Field
    Create User
    Create Variant
    Create View
    Create Workspace
    Delete a Brand
    Delete a Sharing Agreement
    Delete Attribute Value
    Delete Attribute
    Delete Automation
    Delete Bookmark
    Delete Custom Role
    Delete Group
    Delete Identity
    Delete Item
    Delete Macro
    Delete Membership
    Delete Multiple Suspended Tickets
    Delete multiple tickets permanently
    Delete OLA Policy
    Delete Organization Field
    Delete Organization Subscription
    Delete Organization
    Delete Recipient Address
    Delete Resource Collection
    Delete Session
    Delete SLA Policy
    Delete Suspended Ticket
    Delete Target
    Delete the Authenticated Session
    Delete Ticket Field Option
    Delete Ticket Field
    Delete Ticket Form
    Delete ticket permanently
    Delete Ticket
    Delete Trigger Category
    Delete Trigger
    Delete Upload
    Delete User Field Option
    Delete User Field
    Delete User
    Delete Variant
    Delete View
    Delete Workspace
    Detect Best Language for User
    Execute View
    Export Audit Logs
    Export Search Results
    Export Suspended Tickets
    Export View
    Filter Definitions
    Get sources by target
    Getting Comments
    Incremental Attributes Export
    Incremental Attributes Values Export
    Incremental Instance Values Export
    Incremental Organization Export
    Incremental Sample Export
    Incremental Ticket Event Export
    Incremental Ticket Export, Cursor Based
    Incremental Ticket Export, Time Based
    Incremental User Export, Cursor Based
    Incremental User Export, Time Based
    List Account Attributes
    List Active Automations
    List Active Macros
    List Active Triggers
    List Active Views
    List Activities
    List Agent Attribute Values
    List All Ticket Audits
    List Assignable Groups
    List Assignable Memberships
    List Attribute Values for an Attribute
    List Audit Logs
    List Audits for a Ticket
    List Automations
    List Available Public Locales
    List Bookmarks
    List Brands
    List Collaborators for a Ticket
    List Comments
    List Custom Roles
    List Custom Ticket Statuses
    List deleted tickets
    List Deleted Users
    List Email CCs for a Ticket
    List Followers for a Ticket
    List Groups
    List Identities
    List Items
    List Job Statuses
    List Locales for Agent
    List Locales
    List Macro Action Definitions
    List Macro Attachments
    List Macro Categories
    List Macros
    List Memberships
    List OLA Policies
    List Organization Fields
    List Organization Subscriptions
    List Organizations
    List password requirements
    List Reasons for Satisfaction Rating
    List Requests
    List Resource Collections
    List Resource Tags
    List Routing Attribute Definitions
    List Satisfaction Ratings
    List Search Results
    List Sessions
    List Sharing Agreements
    List SLA Policies
    List Support Addresses
    List Supported Actions for Macros
    List Suspended Tickets
    List Tags
    List Target Failures
    List Targets
    List Ticket Attribute Values
    List Ticket Field Options
    List Ticket Fields
    List Ticket Forms
    List Ticket Incidents
    List Ticket Metric Events
    List Ticket Metrics
    List Ticket Problems
    List Ticket Skips
    List Tickets From a View
    List Tickets Fulfilled by a User
    List Tickets
    List Trigger Action and Condition Definitions
    List Trigger Categories
    List Trigger Revisions
    List Triggers
    List User Field Options
    List User Fields
    List Users
    List Variants
    List Views By ID
    List Views - Compact
    List Views
    List Workspaces
    Listing Comments
    Logout many users
    Make Comment Private
    Make Identity Primary
    Mark Ticket as Spam and Suspend Requester
    Merge End Users
    Merge Self With Another User
    Merge Tickets into Target Ticket
    Open a User's Profile in an Agent's Browser
    Open Ticket in Agent's Browser
    Permanently Delete User
    Preview Ticket Count
    Preview Views
    Record a new skip for the current user
    Recover Multiple Suspended Tickets
    Recover Suspended Ticket
    Redact Chat Comment Attachment
    Redact Chat Comment
    Redact Comment Attachment
    Redact String in Comment
    Redact Ticket Comment In Agent Workspace
    Remove Tags
    Renew the current session
    Reorder OLA Policies
    Reorder Organization Field
    Reorder SLA Policies
    Reorder Ticket Forms
    Reorder Triggers
    Reorder User Field
    Reorder Workspaces
    Request User Create
    Request User Verification
    Restore a previously deleted ticket
    Restore previously deleted tickets in bulk
    Retrieve Supported Filter Definition Items
    Search Automations
    Search Macros
    Search Organizations by External ID
    Search Requests
    Search Tags
    Search Triggers
    Search Users
    Search Views
    Set a User's Password
    Set Agent Attribute Values
    Set Membership as Default
    Set Organization as Default
    Set Tags
    Set Ticket Attribute Values
    Show a Brand
    Show a Sharing Agreement
    Show a User Field Option
    Show Activity
    Show Attachment
    Show Attribute Value
    Show Attribute
    Show Audit Log
    Show Audit
    Show Automation
    Show Changes to Ticket
    Show Compliance Deletion Statuses
    Show Current Locale
    Show Custom Role
    Show Custom Ticket Status
    Show Deleted User
    Show Group
    Show Identity
    Show Item
    Show Job Status
    Show Locale
    Show Macro Attachment
    Show Macro Replica
    Show Macro
    Show Many Items
    Show Many Job Statuses
    Show Many Organizations
    Show Many Ticket Forms
    Show Many Users
    Show Membership
    Show Multiple Tickets
    Show OLA Policy
    Show Organization Field
    Show Organization's Related Information
    Show Organization Subscription
    Show Organization
    Show Reason for Satisfaction Rating
    Show Request
    Show Resource Collection
    Show Results Count
    Show Satisfaction Rating
    Show Self
    Show Session
    Show Settings
    Show SLA Policy
    Show Support Address
    Show Suspended Ticket
    Show Target Failure
    Show Target
    Show the Currently Authenticated Session
    Show Ticket After Changes
    Show Ticket Field Option
    Show Ticket Field
    Show Ticket Form
    Show Ticket Metrics
    Show Ticket
    Show Trigger Category
    Show Trigger Revision
    Show Trigger
    Show User Field
    Show User Related Information
    Show User
    Show Variant
    Show View
    Show Workspace
    Suspended Ticket Attachments
    Ticket Bulk Import
    Ticket Import
    Ticket Related Information
    Unassign Organization
    Update a Brand
    Update a Sharing Agreement
    Update Account Settings
    Update Attachment for Malware
    Update Attribute Value
    Update Attribute
    Update Automation
    Update Custom Role
    Update Custom Ticket Status
    Update Group
    Update Identity
    Update Item
    Update Macro
    Update Many Automations
    Update Many Macros
    Update Many Organizations
    Update Many Tickets
    Update Many Triggers
    Update Many Users
    Update Many Variants
    Update Many Views
    Update OLA Policy
    Update Organization Field
    Update Organization
    Update Request
    Update Resource Collection
    Update SLA Policy
    Update Support Address
    Update Target
    Update Ticket Field
    Update Ticket Form
    Update Ticket
    Update Trigger Category
    Update Trigger
    Update User Field
    Update User
    Update Variant
    Update View
    Update Workspace
    Upload Files
    Verify Identity
    Verify Subdomain Availability
    Verify Support Address Forwarding