Marketo API

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API Operations

Submit Form
Add Custom Activities
Add Custom Object Type Fields
Add to List
Add Named Account List Members
Approve Custom Activity Type
Approve Custom Object Type
Member of List
Associate Lead
Cancel Export Activity Job
Cancel Export Custom Object Job
Cancel Export Lead Job
Cancel Export Program Member Job
Change Lead Program Status
Create Custom Activity Type Attributes
Create Custom Activity Type
Create Export Activity Job
Create Export Custom Object Job
Create Export Lead Job
Create Export Program Member Job
Create Lead Fields
Create Program Member Fields
Delete Companies
Delete Custom Activity Type Attributes
Delete Custom Activity Type
Delete Custom Object Type Fields
Delete Custom Object Type
Delete Custom Objects
Delete Leads
Delete Named Account Lists
Delete NamedAccounts
Delete Opportunities
Delete Opportunity Roles
Delete Program Members
Delete SalesPersons
Describe Custom Activity Type
Describe Custom Object Type
Describe Opportunity Role
Describe Program Member
Describe Program Member
Describe Companies
Describe Custom Objects
Describe Lead
Describe NamedAccounts
Describe Opportunity
Describe SalesPersons
Describe Lead2
Discard Custom Object Type Draft
Discard Custom Activity Type Draft
Enqueue Export Activity Job
Enqueue Export Custom Object Job
Enqueue Export Lead Job
Enqueue Export Program Member Job
Get Paging Token
Get Activity Types
Get Campaign By Id
Get Campaigns
Get Companies
Get Company Field by Name
Get Company Fields
Get Custom Activity Types
Get Custom Object Dependent Assets
Get Custom Object Type Field Data Types
Get Custom Object Linkable Objects
Get Custom Objects
Get Daily Errors
Get Daily Usage
Get Deleted Leads
Get Export Activity File
Get Export Activity Job Status
Get Export Activity Jobs
Get Export Custom Object File
Get Export Custom Object Job Status
Get Export Custom Object Jobs
Get Export Lead File
Get Export Lead Job Status
Get Export Lead Jobs
Get Export Program Member File
Get Export Program Member Job Status
Get Export Program Member Jobs
Get Import Custom Object Failures
Get Import Custom Object Status
Get Import Custom Object Warnings
Get Import Lead Failures
Get Import Lead Status
Get Import Lead Warnings
Get Import Program Member Failures
Get Import Program Member Status
Get Import Program Member Warnings
Get Weekly Errors
Get Weekly Usage
Get Lead Activities
Get Lead by Id
Get Lead Changes
Get Lead Field by Name
Get Lead Fields
Get Lead Partitions
Get Leads by Filter Type
Get Leads By List Id
Get Leads By List Id
Get Leads by Program Id
Get List by Id
Get Lists by Lead Id
Get Lists
Get Named Account Field by Name
Get Named Account Fields
Get Named Account List Members
Get Named Account Lists
Get NamedAccounts
Get Opportunities
Get Opportunity Field by Name
Get Opportunity Fields
Get Opportunity Roles
Get Program Member Field by Name
Get Program Member Fields
Get Program Members
Get Programs by Lead Id
Get SalesPersons
Get Smart Campaigns by Lead Id
Import Custom Objects
Import Leads
Import Program Members
List Custom Object Types
List Custom Objects
Merge Leads
Push Lead to Marketo
Remove from List
Remove Named Account List Members
Schedule Campaign
Sync Companies
Sync Custom Object Type
Sync Custom Objects
Sync Leads
Sync Named Account Lists
Sync NamedAccounts
Sync Opportunities
Sync Opportunity Roles
Sync Program Member Data
Sync Program Member Status
Sync SalesPersons
Request Campaign
Update Custom Activity Type Attributes
Update Custom Activity Type
Update Custom Object Type Field
Update Lead Field
Update Lead Partition
Update Program Member Field