Kustomer API

Getting access, Developing, Testing

API Operations

Append Tags to Conversation
Bulk Batch Update Companies
Bulk Batch Update Conversations
Bulk Batch Update Customers
Bulk Batch Update KObjects
Bulk Batch Update Messages
Bulk Batch Update Notes
Bulk Create Companies
Bulk Create Conversations
Bulk Create Customers
Bulk Create KObjects
Bulk Create Messages
Bulk Create Notes
Bulk Delete Customers
Bulk Delete KObjects
Create a Company
Create a Conversation
Create a Conversation for a Customer
Create a Customer
Create a Customer Merge
Create a Draft by Customer
Create a Forward by Conversation
Create a Klass
Create a Message by Customer
Create a Message from Conversation
Create a Note within Conversation
Create a Tracking Event
Create a Tracking Identity
Create a Tracking Identity & Event
Create attachment
Create Brand
Create Customer KObject
Create Draft Attachment
Create KObject
Create Media
Create Message
Create Note
Create Schedule
Customer Search
Delete a Draft
Delete a Klass
Delete a spam sender
Delete Conversation
Delete Customer
Delete Draft Attachment
Delete KObject
Delete Note by ID
Delete Schedule by ID
Find Company KObjects
Find Customer KObjects
Get a Customer Event
Get a Customer Merge
Get a Draft Forward By ID
Get a Message
Get a Message by External ID
Get all Customer Events
Get all Drafts by Customer
Get all Events by Customer for Session
Get all Forwards by Conversation
Get All Schedules
GET an SLA by ID
Get attachment by Message and Attachment ID (Inbound or Outbound)
Get attachments by ID
Get Brand by ID
Get Brands
Get Companies
Get Company by ID
Get Conversation
Get Conversation by External ID
Get Conversation Events
Get conversation time by ids
Get conversation times by conversation id
Get Conversations
Get Conversations by Customer
Get Custom Attribute Metadata
Get Customer by Email
Get Customer by External ID
Get Customer by ID
Get Customer by Phone
Get Customer Merges by Customer
Get Customer Sessions
Get Customers
Get Default Brand
Get Default Schedule
Get Draft Attachment
Get Draft Attachments
Get Klass
Get Klasses
Get KObject
Get KObjects
Get Media by ID
Get Messages
Get Messages by Conversation
Get Messages by Customer
Get Note by ID
Get Notes by Conversation
Get Notes by Customer
Get Notes for Org
Get Outbound Accounts
Get Schedule by ID
GET spam senders
Remove Tags from Conversation
Update a Brand Resource
Update a Draft
Update a Draft Forward
Update a Klass
Update a Message
Update Company Attributes
Update Conversation
Update Conversation Attributes
Update Custom Attribute Metadata
Update Customer
Update Customer Attributes
Update KObject
Update Media
Update Message Attributes
Update Note by ID
Update Note by ID (patch)
Update Schedule by ID
Upsert a spam sender
Upsert Attachment