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List all data events


Please note that you can only 'list' events that are less than 90 days old. Event counts and summaries will still include your events older than 90 days but you cannot 'list' these events individually if they are older than 90 days

The events belonging to a customer can be listed by sending a GET request to with a user or lead identifier along with a type parameter. The identifier parameter can be one of user_id, email or intercom_user_id. The type parameter value must be user.

  •{id} (this call can be used to list leads)

The email parameter value should be url encoded when sending.

You can optionally define the result page size as well with the per_page parameter.


type: object properties: parameters: type: object properties: Intercom-Version: type: number Accept: type: string filter: type: string type: type: string description: The value must be user summary: type: string description: summary flag title: Parameters