Intercom API

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API Operations

Add subscription to a contact
Add tag to a contact
Add tag to a conversation
Archive contact
Attach a Contact to a Company
Attach a contact to a conversation
Cancel content data export
Convert a visitor
Create a collection
Create a data attribute
Create a message
Create a news item
Create a note
Create a phone Switch
Create a section
Create an article
Create contact
Create content data export
Create event summaries
Create or Update a company
Create or update a tag, Tag or untag companies, Tag contacts
Creates a conversation
Delete a collection
Delete a company
Delete a contact
Delete a news item
Delete a section
Delete a visitor
Delete an article
Delete tag
Detach a contact from a company
Detach a contact from a group conversation
Download content data export
Find a specific tag
Get a contact
Identify an admin
List all activity logs
List all admins
List all articles
List all collections
List all companies
List all contacts
List all conversations
List all data attributes
List all data events
List all live newsfeed items
List all news items
List all newsfeeds
List all notes
List all sections
List all segments
List all tags
List all teams
List attached companies for contact
List attached contacts
List attached segments for companies
List attached segments for contact
List subscription types
List subscriptions for a contact
List tags attached to a contact
Manage a conversation
Merge a lead and a user
Redact a conversation part
Remove subscription from a contact
Remove tag from a contact
Remove tag from a conversation
Reply to a conversation
Retrieve a collection
Retrieve a company by ID
Retrieve a company
Retrieve a conversation
Retrieve a news item
Retrieve a newsfeed
Retrieve a note
Retrieve a section
Retrieve a segment
Retrieve a team
Retrieve a visitor with ID
Retrieve a visitor with User ID
Retrieve an admin
Retrieve an article
Run Assignment Rules on a conversation
Scroll over all companies
Search contacts
Search conversations
Set an admin to away
Show content data export
Submit a data event
Unarchive contact
Update a collection
Update a company
Update a contact
Update a conversation
Update a data attribute
Update a news item
Update a section
Update a visitor
Update an article