Front API

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API Operations

Add contact handle
Add contact to Account
Add contacts to group
Add conversation followers
Add conversation link
Add conversation tag
Add inbox access
Add note
Add teammates to shift
Add teammates to team
API Token details
Create a channel
Create a new analytics export.
Create a new analytics report.
Create account
Create child folder
Create child tag
Create child template
Create comment
Create contact
Create conversation
Create draft
Create draft reply
Create folder
Create group
Create inbox
Create link
Create message template
Create shift
Create tag
Create team contact
Create team folder
Create team group
Create team inbox
Create team message template
Create team shift
Create team signature
Create team tag
Create teammate contact
Create teammate folder
Create teammate group
Create teammate message template
Create teammate signature
Create teammate tag
Delete a contact
Delete an account
Delete contact handle
Delete conversation followers
Delete draft
Delete folder
Delete group
Delete message template
Delete signature
Delete tag
Download attachment
Edit draft
Fetch an account
Fetch an analytics export.
Fetch an analytics report.
Get channel
Get child folders
Get child templates
Get comment
Get contact
Get conversation
Get event
Get folder
Get inbox
Get link
Get message
Get message seen status
Get message template
Get rule
Get shift
Get signatures
Get tag
Get team
Get teammate
Import message
List account contacts
List Accounts
List assigned conversations
List channels
List comment mentions
List contact conversations
List Contact's custom fields
List contacts
List contacts in group
List conversation comments
List conversation drafts
List conversation events
List conversation followers
List conversation inboxes
List conversation messages
List conversations
List events
List folders
List groups
List inbox access
List inbox channels
List inbox conversations
List inboxes
List link conversations
List links
List message templates
List notes
List rule
List shift's teammates
List Shifts
List tag children
List tagged conversations
List tags
List team channels
List team contacts
List team folders
List team groups
List team inboxes
List team message templates
List team rules
List team Shifts
List team signatures
List team tags
List teammate channels
List teammate contacts
List teammate folders
List teammate groups
List teammate inboxes
List teammate message templates
List teammate rule
List Teammate Shifts
List teammate signatures
List teammate tags
List teammates
List teams
Mark message seen
Merge contacts
Receive custom messages
Remove contact from Account
Remove conversation links
Remove conversation tag
Remove teammates from shift
Remove teammates from team
Removes inbox access
Reply to conversation
Search conversations
Update a contact
Update a link
Update a tag
Update account
Update Channel
Update conversation
Update conversation assignee
Update conversation reminders
Update custom field
Update folder
Update message template
Update shift
Update signature
Update teammate
Validate channel