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Get Status Updates From An Object

Returns the compact status update records for all updates on the object.


type: object properties: parameters: type: object properties: parent: type: string description: >- Globally unique identifier for object to fetch statuses from. Must be a GID for a project, portfolio, or goal. created_since: type: string format: date-time description: Only return statuses that have been created since the given time. required: - parent title: Parameters


type: object properties: data: type: array items: type: object properties: gid: description: Globally unique identifier of the resource, as a string. type: string readOnly: true example: '12345' x-insert-after: false resource_type: description: The base type of this resource. type: string readOnly: true example: task x-insert-after: gid title: description: The title of the status update. type: string example: Status Update - Jun 15 resource_subtype: type: string description: >- The subtype of this resource. Different subtypes retain many of the same fields and behavior, but may render differently in Asana or represent resources with different semantic meaning. The `resource_subtype`s for `status` objects represent the type of their parent. enum: - project_status_update - portfolio_status_update - goal_status_update example: project_status_update readOnly: true