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Get Multiple Tasks

Returns the compact task records for some filtered set of tasks. Use one or more of the parameters provided to filter the tasks returned. You must specify a project or tag if you do not specify assignee and workspace.

For more complex task retrieval, use workspaces/{workspace_gid}/tasks/search.


type: object properties: parameters: type: object properties: limit: type: integer description: >- Results per page. The number of objects to return per page. The value must be between 1 and 100. offset: type: string description: >- Offset token. An offset to the next page returned by the API. A pagination request will return an offset token, which can be used as an input parameter to the next request. If an offset is not passed in, the API will return the first page of results. 'Note: You can only pass in an offset that was returned to you via a previously paginated request.' assignee: type: string description: >- The assignee to filter tasks on. If searching for unassigned tasks, assignee.any = null can be specified. *Note: If you specify `assignee`, you must also specify the `workspace` to filter on.* project: type: string description: The project to filter tasks on. section: type: string description: The section to filter tasks on. workspace: type: string description: >- The workspace to filter tasks on. *Note: If you specify `workspace`, you must also specify the `assignee` to filter on.* completed_since: type: string format: date-time example: '2012-02-22T02:06:58.158Z' description: >- Only return tasks that are either incomplete or that have been completed since this time. modified_since: type: string format: date-time description: |- Only return tasks that have been modified since the given time. *Note: A task is considered “modified” if any of its properties change, or associations between it and other objects are modified (e.g. a task being added to a project). A task is not considered modified just because another object it is associated with (e.g. a subtask) is modified. Actions that count as modifying the task include assigning, renaming, completing, and adding stories.* title: Parameters


type: object properties: data: type: array items: type: object properties: gid: description: Globally unique identifier of the resource, as a string. type: string readOnly: true example: '12345' x-insert-after: false resource_type: description: The base type of this resource. type: string readOnly: true example: task x-insert-after: gid name: description: The name of the task. type: string example: Bug Task resource_subtype: type: string description: >- The subtype of this resource. Different subtypes retain many of the same fields and behavior, but may render differently in Asana or represent resources with different semantic meaning. The resource_subtype `milestone` represent a single moment in time. This means tasks with this subtype cannot have a start_date. enum: - default_task - milestone - section - approval example: default_task