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Get Multiple Project Templates

Returns the compact project template records for all project templates in the given team or workspace.


type: object properties: parameters: type: object properties: workspace: type: string description: The workspace to filter results on. team: type: string description: The team to filter projects on. limit: type: integer description: >- Results per page. The number of objects to return per page. The value must be between 1 and 100. offset: type: string description: >- Offset token. An offset to the next page returned by the API. A pagination request will return an offset token, which can be used as an input parameter to the next request. If an offset is not passed in, the API will return the first page of results. 'Note: You can only pass in an offset that was returned to you via a previously paginated request.' title: Parameters


type: object properties: data: type: array items: type: object properties: gid: description: Globally unique identifier of the resource, as a string. type: string readOnly: true example: '12345' x-insert-after: false resource_type: description: The base type of this resource. type: string readOnly: true example: task x-insert-after: gid name: description: Name of the project template. type: string example: Packing list